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Kiitot is a provider of research-based analytics and solutions

Kiitot's foundation is based on the idea that technology should be adding value in the people's lives. This is not always clear, making it important to look at extant research. By doing this, we will find "why" and we can proceed to "how".

We also research and develop our proprietary applications from corporate finance fintech to preventive healthcare and wellness and sustainability. If there is interest, match, and synergies, we are very happy to collaborate.


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Some things are never tried before. To do so, the research and innovation/development needs knowledge and skills to propel itself away from the status quo. Many innovations emanate from chance circumstances, which is great!
This emphasizes the saying that it is better to be lucky than good. In other cases, or most of the cases, we cannot rely on such serendipity and need to do the work. The businesses are experts in their domain and know what might work. This could be in their proprietary data that may not have been used. Kiitot aims to identify and measure the phenomenon which can be used for the advantage of these businesses. This may be for enabling, substituting, making for more efficient processes, or scaling.

It starts with listening to the project stakeholders, following on research, and looking at the data. There is a wealth of useful tools, but the application of them is the key to improving and adjusting KPIs or enabling new business processes altogether.

Researched regression and machine learning for:
- Factor discovery
- Measuring
- Forecasting
- Prediction
- Classification

We can see to optimize:
- Sustainability
- Routing
- Scheduling
- Process
- Spend
- Profit
- Reach

To understand persistency of a factor effect we can investigate into:
- Trending
- Seasonality
- Event studies
- Change of paradigms

Let's get the covariates right. If these are not correct, the results may be noise. Sometimes we are limited with data so we might need to use supervised machine learning.


Proprietary data or Big Data acquisition using APIs or web crawlers. Storing, management, and research of data. Data expertise in time series, descriptive, image, and surveys. We will see the best ways for data cleaning and transformation.
We can also advise on the application of digital assets or cryptocurrencies for corporate finance. We cannot advice on any direct investing in them and other such limitation may apply. We can also set up on interacting system or going data visualisation using off-the-shelf software packages, but we can also refer to this work somewhere else as many such services are already available. Let's have a look at the best solution together.


This is really where the essence emanates: For Kiitot the day-to-day emphasis is on working with the best global talent. Kiitot has a strong network of practitioners and academics in IT, finance, and technology. By emphasizing discretion and integrity in our work, we want to be part of #teamvalueacreation.

Founder Dr Tatja Karkkainen

The company is founded by Tatja, who has a PhD specifically in Financial Technology from Glasgow University. During her research, she empirically evidenced the existence of the network effects in digital assets using Big Data. Her findings also emphasized the importance of human capital in Initial Coin Offer development. She has also studied price exuberance, blockchain community decision making and FOMO. She has many years of experience in working with alternative assets at asset managers and hedge funds, family offices, and distributors. She has also worked in IT across industries and financial IT including portfolio optimization tools and corporate financial investment analysis. Since 2003 she has worked with Big Data, when she started working at a comparative politics research center at the university she attended for her BA and MA studies. Already then, she was able to work remotely using SQL server setup. She holds a BA dgree in Politics and International relations and a MA degree in Politics. She has completed the following qualifications: Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst, Investment Management Certificate, Series 3 (related to futures and options trading), Project Management Level 3 Award, and Boomi Associate Developer Certification. She speaks several Northern European languages. She lives in Finland and has Finnish nationality.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn or look at her research on SSRN.


Dr Daniel Broby
Daniel is Director at the Centre for Financial Regulation and Innovation and a Knowledge Exchange Fellow at Strathclyde University, Department of Accounting and Finance. Daniel was a visiting professor at the department for several years before joining the faculty on a full-time basis to research financial technology, investment benchmarks, and index construction. He used to be a member of the London Stock Exchange, is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, and is a Fellow of CFA UK. He has an MPhil in Economics from Brunel University and an MSc in Investment Analysis from Stirling University. He is a Non-Executive Director and serves on the TY Danjuma Family Office's Audit Committee. He has worked in the fund-management industry for 30 years across some C-level positions; from Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer to Chief Portfolio Manager - at leading international fund managers. He has held several directorships as asset managers, pension administrators, and not-for-profit organizations. Daniel speaks English and Danish and has British nationality.

Marisa Joelson
Marisa is an Investment Strategist, Wealth Advisor, and Partner at a Paragon wealth advisory serving clients in both the West and East Coast of the US. Marisa has two decades of experience advising top CEOs, policymakers, technology executives, and hedge fund managers, corporate executives, families, and individuals on their investment decisions. The original concepts she has generated have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Barrons. She worked as an equity research analyst on Wall Street covering US retail before moving to London where she focused on emerging markets. In London, she worked at Renaissance Capital and advised the world's leading mutual fund and hedge fund managers on their investments in Emerging Europe and Africa. She later became the macroeconomist and financial market advisor to Rio Tinto. In this role, she provided global insight to the CEO on economies and financial and commodity markets including China, India, Japan, Chile, USA, and Europe. Early in her career, she worked for five years in technology, leading a telecommunications market launch for MCI (now Verizon) and working with top defense policymakers and academics in artificial intelligence to design advanced decision support software. Her software development firm, now part of Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs, primarily worked on projects for DARPA, the research and development wing of the Department of Defense that sponsored the internet. She has an MPA from Harvard University, an MBA from Northwestern (Kellogg), and a BA from Wesleyan University. Marisa speaks English and Russian. She has dual US-British nationality.

Working with data and outsourcing

We do not accept any data work that has personal details, not least due to GDPR ruling, but mainly because this work is not likely to be in our focus. In the case of outsourcing, your data will stay with Kiitot servers and is not accessible by any third-parties. Only metadata may be worked externally. This metadata work will also be separated into tasks to keep the purpose of your project private.


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